Savory Institute: Changing Our Future

Allan Savory proposes an explanation, and a solution, to the widespread problem of desertification, along with all its effects on global climate change, poverty etc.

The Savory Institute holds the key to reversing desertification, which is possibly the greatest contributor to man-made climate change. To find out more about this, visit


Allan Savory argued that while livestock may be part of the problem, they can also be an important part of the solution. He has demonstrated time and again in Africa, Australia and North and South America that, properly managed, they are essential to land restoration. With the right techniques, plant growth is lusher, the water table is higher, wildlife thrives, soil carbon increases and, surprisingly, perhaps four times as many cattle can be kept.

Interview with Allan Savory

Allan Savory has been intrigued by the current political debate over the carbon tax.
Laurie Benson on The Savory Institute’s “Changing Our Future” campaign



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