New Super Berry : The Haskap Plant

This is a very new, very hardy fruit bush that has been developed at the University of Saskatchewan. It is shaped like an elongated grape and dark blue in color, the fruit tastes like a cross between a raspberry and a blueberry. The haskap’s fruit is one of the earliest to produce and the bush is hardy enough to grow pretty much anywhere in Canada. Plants generally grow 4-5 feet tall.
High in vitamins C and A, the berries also pack a healthy punch of fibre and potassium and contain high levels of antioxidants.
Canadian Television Network (CTV): The Haskap Plant
New super berry on the prairies called Haskap.

CBC News – Haskap Berry arrives in Nova Scotia

You can use haskap berries (also known as honeyberries) in jam, pies, or just eating fresh right off the bush. See Haskap Recipes
Heavenly Blue Orchards: Haskap tree planting methodology



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