ClearWater Project – Rainwater Harvesting Systems

After decades of litigation for environmental contamination in the Ecuadorian Amazon, the indigenous communities of the oil-affected region together with international humanitarian and environmental groups from Europe and the United States, have launched the ClearWater Project, a clean water initiative that aims to provide clean water relief to hundreds of families across the oil ravaged Amazon.

The indigenous tribes of the northeastern Ecuadorian Amazon, including the Cofan, Siona, Secoya and Quichua, are leading the urgent relief effort on the ground, which is focusing on the provision of clean water to dozens of indigenous communities in the region, where the groundwater has been contaminated by 18.5 billion gallons of highly toxic waste due to oil drilling.

Visit: or to participate and learn more

About ClearWater:
ClearWater aims to provide sustainable clean water relief to more than 2,000 indigenous and farmer families spread across 20 villages and hamlets in the oil-ravaged areas of the northeastern Ecuadorian Amazon. 100% of donations to ClearWater will be used to give clean water to the people of the Ecuador.



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