Olafur Eliasson on Little Sun

Little Sun is a lantern powered by the sun’s natural light designed to fight unequal energy distribution around the world. Part artwork, part social project tackling energy poverty, the bright yellow orb, complete with wavy rays radiating out from the center, looks remarkably like its namesake. Thanks to its small size, the functions are manifold: use it as anything from a table lamp to a bike light. The Little Sun website declares it “a work of art that works in life. It transforms the light that is for all of us into a light that is for each of us.”
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Olafur Eliasson’s Little Sun is an Affordable Solar-Powered LED Lamp
Olafur Eliasson regards his Little Sun solar-powered light to be a work for art for a worldwide audience.
Little Sun is fairly resilient and can be expected to work for three years.
The flower-shaped Little Sun uses LED technology and captures sunlight through a 6 x 6 cm mono-crystalline solar module.
Little Sun was launched on May 11 at the World Economic Forum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
After four hours of charging, Little Sun will work for five hours.
Small solar power generation can bring light to people who live off the grid.
Little Sun can be hung, used as a table lamp, or taken out to be used as a lantern or bicycle accessory.
Little Sun
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