Secrets to a Long and Happy Life #health

CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 uncovers the secrets of longevity

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The name of the Greek Island of Ikaria supposedly comes from Icarus,who crashed to earth on his flight from Crete after flying too close to the sun,which melted the wax on his self made wings. In the Greek civil war Greek communists were often sent to internal exile on Ikaria. Mikis Theodorakis was one of them. But the rocky island still makes headlines today in the eastern Aegean. Every third resident reaches the age of 100. That statistic is unique in the world.

It’s no secret that the Mediterranean diet can help us achieve longevity, but the overall lifestyles of the region’s populace shouldn’t escape our attention. Tucked away in the Aegean Sea is a small, rocky island called Ikaria, where residents on average reach the age of 90. Here are a few island secrets of longevity researchers have picked up after years of studying the dreamy getaway:

1. Drink Herbal Tea
2. Take a Nap
3. Eat fresh Vegetables
4. Drink Goat’s Milk
5. Walk it Off
6. Dip into a Hot Spring
7. Just Dance
8. Relax


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