Vitamins, Mineral Supplements Deemed Waste Of Money

A top medical journal strongly advised most Americans to stop taking vitamins, saying they are largely useless and can be dangerous. Studies found routine multivitamin and mineral use provides little or no protection against heart disease, cognitive decline and cancer. Dr. Jon LaPook reports.


Nearly one-third of Americans take vitamin supplements that some studies have shown to have cancer-fighting properties, including vitamins E and C.

But two new studies suggest these supplements have little effect on healthy adults. So are you wasting you money?

Read more at: Some Vitamin Supplements May Be a Waste of Money




2 thoughts on “Vitamins, Mineral Supplements Deemed Waste Of Money

  1. studies also said coffee was bad for you (several years back) but follow up studies contradicted those findings and suddenly coffee is good for you. oddly enough, when they removed smokers, diabetics, and other unhealthy subjects from the coffee study (seriously-that’s what the change/new studies did) and isolated coffee’s better qualities (riboflavins (sp) ) coffee was deemed healthy for you. I’ll take my chances and keep taking vitamins. a new study is right around the corner that will contradict this one and claim vitamins are the best things for you!

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