Starfish dying in alarming numbers

Sea stars dying in alarming numbers, some with limbs falling off and others apparently melting in place.

It appears like a contagion because it spreads to adjacent populations.

It’s normal for a sea star to drop an arm if a predator has a good hold on one arm. They just lop off an arm, like a lizard deliberately losing its tail so it can live to grow a new one.

But this is different.

A time-lapse video of a diseased sunflower sea star at the Vancouver Aquarium, quarantined in a hospital habitat, is a curious sight: Over the span of seven hours, the sea star moves throughout the tank, its arms falling off one by one and wiggling away.

Sunflower sea star possible wasting disease

Starfish Deaths Alarm Vancouver Aquarium



Starfish Dying At Alarming Rate Along Entire United States West Coast




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