4 Years After BP Disaster


Source:   Democracy Now

4 Years After BP Disaster, Ousted Drilling Chief Warns US at Risk of Another Oil Spill

Elizabeth Birnbaum recently co-wrote an op-ed for The New York Times headlined “The Deepwater Horizon Threat,” where she expresses concern that, quote, “The risk of another blowout is real. Offshore wells have lost control several times in the [past] year,” she said. This is Birnbaum’s first broadcast interview since she left the Department of Interior shortly after the BP spill.

Transcript :   Democracy Now


You might have forgotten the BP Oil spill, but these animals haven’t



3 thoughts on “4 Years After BP Disaster

  1. And the other animals still hurting are the humans that 4 years later Deepwater has still not released their settlement check

      • Your more than welcomed

        I have been given the run around by Deepwater

        Everything I mail to them is through Certified Mail

        But Deepwater claims they never got it and wants me to re send

        I do once again Certified Mail

        I can give you the exact time Deepwater received it

        But Deepwater still will claim they did not get it

        It’s time to move this matter forward and out from under Deepwaters roof

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