TOP 10 Unhealthiest Fast Food Restaurants


#1 Mcdonalds is rated the number 1 unhealthiest fast food restaurant. This is for multiple reasons. One, many of their foods have the most calories of the ones qualified. Also, it is the cheapest, so many people eat more there.

#2 Taco Bell is second on this list. It’s known for being good and having a “happy hour” but many people don’t understand how unhealthy their food actually is. People usually eat a lot of tacos as well, securing it’s spot as #2 on this list.

#3 This is an obvious one. Right when you walk in, you can just feel the calories pouring in at KFC. Their chicken is awful for you, and their sides aren’t much better. KFC is the third unhealthiest fast food restaurant.

#4 Some people don’t have Jack in the Box near them, but if you do, you understand how bad it is for you. The taco/burger combination is a deadly one. That’s what puts it at four on this list.

#5 Arby’s is actually a very good tasting fast food restaurant, and I think we can all agree on that. However, it is number 5 on this list for a reason. Many of their foods are full of fat and calories.

#6 Surprisingly, Burger King comes in at number 6. Many may have expected this to be higher on the list, but it actually does have some decent options. If eaten correctly, Burger King can be kind of healthy. However, it still is the 6th unhealthiest.

#7 Dominoes is the unhealthiest of the pizza places. That’s what puts it as 7th on this list. Their pizza is full of grease and calories, even more so than any other place.

#8 White Castle comes in at number 8. For those who have eaten here, this is definitely understandable. Walking in there, it just feels like you are about to gain some weight. Many of their options are packed with calories, and it is tough to find something good for you on their menu.

#9 Pizza Hut is 9th on this list. It’s just a little bit more healthy than Dominoes, but not by much. At Pizza Hut, if you order correctly, it won’t be that bad for you. However, it is hard to order correctly

#10 Dairy Queen is the 10th unhealthiest fast food restaurant. The food there actually isn’t that bad for you, but the ice cream is what does this restaurant in. The ice cream is stacked with calories. Avoid at all costs.


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