Homemade Soda Recipes

Basic Soda Syrup
Master this basic syrup and you can customize it any way you please

Learn how to get the basics at SheKnows.

White Peach-Lavender Soda
This soda’s unexpected combination uses fresh peaches, which are just about to be in season.

Learn how to make this at Emma Elizabeth Christensen.

Finnish Lemon Soda
Known as sima, this lemon soda is popular during May Day celebrations in Finland.

Learn how to make this at Saveur.

Vanilla Bean Cream Soda
There’s nothing like cream soda made with real vanilla beans. This recipe also includes vanilla extract — use real instead of imitation for the best flavour.

Find out how to make this at Cheeky Kitchen.

Violet Soda
There are many flavours that don’t initially seem like a good choice for soda, but they can work unexpectedly well. Violet is one of them, but other edible flowers are also worth trying.

Learn how to make this at Use Real Butter.

Very Plum Syrup
As this post indicates, there’s more than one way to carbonate: you could make this soda with a SodaStream or a similar device, or use an old-fashioned seltzer bottle.

Learn how to make soda with plums at Cool Mom Picks.

Strawberry Coconut Cream Soda
The coolness of coconut and the taste of fresh strawberries makes this a refreshing soda for summer.

Find out how to make this at Food.com.

Ginger Ale
Homemade ginger ale is a revelation — the ginger is much more prominent when it’s freshly grated before mixing. You’ll never look at a bottle of Canada Dry the same way again.

Find out how to make this at The Kitchn.

Strawberry Soda
The bit of vinegar in the recipe for this soda syrup cuts the sweetness of the strawberries just enough.

Learn how to make this at Sweet Paul Mag.

Fresh Lime Soda
Limes are hard to come by right now, which might make this refreshing soda taste even better. You could easily go half and half with lemon, or alter the recipe with any other citrus fruit of your choosing.

Learn how to make this recipe at Saveur.

Honey Herb Soda
Are you growing herbs on your windowsill or in a backyard garden? Here’s one more way to use your harvest. This simple recipe works well with any herbs you choose — have fun combining them into new flavours.

Get the recipe for this drink at Not Without Salt.

Watermelon Soda
Noticing a refreshing theme? This watermelon soda includes strawberries, but would work well with other berries too — give raspberries or blueberries a try.

Find out how to make this at Chicago Parent.

Tangerine and Honey Soda
Honey is the perfect foil for the tartness of tangerine, but this recipe would also work well with blood oranges or grapefruit.

Find out the recipe for this at Suburbia Unwrapped.

Kiwi Soda
Other tropical fruits are popular in sodas — why not kiwi? This syrup recipe uses agave nectar instead of sugar.

Learn how to make this at Kukbook.

Root Beer
We couldn’t leave out root beer — and this recipe, with sarsaparilla, liquorice, and burdock, makes it clear where the name comes from.

Learn how to make this at Chow.com.




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