Healthy Recipes Monday to Friday: 5 potato recipes


Monday: Baby Red Potato Salad
Consider this the healthier version of potato salad. With 107 calories per serving and fat-reduced mayo, make this salad a side dish or mid-day snack.
Get the recipe from Skinny Taste here.

Tuesday: Butternut Squash And Sweet Potato Soup
A comforting classic, this soup uses pre-cut veggies and buttermilk.
Get the recipe from Nigella here.

Wednesday: Spicy Smoked Sweet Potato Salad
This recipe is made in a smoker, but it also works if you put the ingredients in the oven. For a vegan version, skip the bacon and mayo.
Get the recipe from the Cooking Channel here.

Thursday: Creamy Bacon Potato Soup Recipe
This super easy recipe takes about 25 minutes to make. To make things extra comforting, garnish this soup with cheddar cheese.
Get the recipe from Tidy Mom here.

Friday: Spicy Baked Sweet Potato Fries
We don’t suggest eating fries every single day as a snack, but we do suggest making these beauties as a side.
Get the recipe from Nosh On It here.



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