7 Health Benefits Of Hemp


Hemp seeds, which can be purchased shelled, can be eaten raw by on their own. Like many other seeds, they can also be sprinkled on salads or cereals.

Hemp milk is made when the seeds of the hemp plant are ground up and mixed with water. There are both sweetened and unsweetened versions on the market, as well as flavored varieties, like chocolate and strawberry.

Hempseed oil is pressed from the hemp seed and according to at least one manufacturer, is best used as a finishing oil. It can also be taken as a gel capsule.

Hemp butter is made from shelled hemp seeds. Like butter, it can be used as a spread on foods like bread and bagels.

Protein Powder
Like many other protein powders, the hempseed version can be added to smoothies, as well as sprinkled on oatmeal or other breakfast cereals.

Frozen Desserts
Companies are now offering their version of ice cream, which is made using hemp milk. It is sold in take-home containers, as well as frozen bars.

Not necessarily all health-related, there are a slew of other products on the market made from hemp, including (but not limited to): clothing, jewelry, lip balm, hats, soap and shower curtains.




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