Amazing Solar Farm


In the Mojave Desert in California near Primm, Nevada. The largest solar thermal power-tower system in the world, owned by NRG Energy, Google and BrightSource Energy. It uses 347,000 computer-controlled mirrors to focus sunlight onto boilers on top of three 459-foot towers, where water is heated to produce steam to power turbines providing power to more than 140,000 California homes.


Solar panels sit in an array at the Southwick Estate Solar Farm, operated by Primrose Solar Ltd., near Fareham, U.K.   The plant, situated in 200 acres (81 hectares) of farmland, consists of 175,000 monocrystalline PV modules and has a capacity of 48 megawatts.

India has gone ahead and built the world’s biggest solar power plant.

The Kamuthi Solar Power Project in Tamil Nadu has a 648 megawatt capacity — or enough to power 150,000 homes — topping the 550 megawatts of power produced by California’s Topaz Solar Farm.

The Kamuthi facility has 2.5 million solar panels which are cleaned daily by solar-powered robots.



Solar Power Systems

1.8-Megawatt Solar Power System Planned for Bloomberg’s New Jersey Campus
It is expected to generate the equivalent amount of power to meet 58 percent of the facility’s electricity demand.

New York To Turn Trash Into Solar Gold
… putting that can-do attitude to work in the latest update to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “Greater, Greener” sustainability plan, which will see many of the city’s rubbish dumps and landfills converted into solar farms.

Israel Plans Expansion of Solar-Generated Power
… to bring the first of more than 40 new solar plants…